Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Smooth Stone...

The young boy stood, staring straight ahead, resolved to finish the battle started by the Giant he faced. Behind rocks and craters the soldiers peered out at the child and trembled in their armor. This was the point of no return and in the balance hung the freedom of every man. Their minds raced back to the comfort of days past, as they recalled the familiarity of avoidance. Sitting in limbo was a much safer option than what faced them all right now. How many sunsets had come and gone since that mighty soldier had disgraced them all?  It had long become more important for this army to be safe than to risk it all in what appeared to be a suicide mission.

Until the boy came along, stirring up trouble and unspoken fears. With his awkward stance, hands and feet to large for his gangly body. His question raised the hairs on the back of these mighty men.  Soldiers.  Really.  It wasn’t about who was mighty enough to fight this monster, because the truth was he was bigger and stronger than any of them.  Despite the powerful jawlines and muscular stance of each of the king’s men no one dared to stand face to face with this enemy and look him in the eye - this giant that taunted them incessantly.  Deep in the recesses of their heart was a nagging far stronger than the giant’s.  "Was the God that they stood for, who had called their people "Chosen", even strong enough?  They spent their days waiting for a sign, or a flash from the sky.  One that woul densure their safety and prove they served the one true God.  Then, this adolescent entered the camp, stepped on their toes and dare to insinuate that they should do anything but wait.  The thought that someone should step up and fight sent a wave of discomfort through the ranks.

Even after it was agreed that he would be the one to go, the king looked to secure his victory with the trappings of a common soldier.  But no, the young boy would not don armor and mighty sword to defend his God, but rather the familiar feel of five smooth stones.  Then, face set towards the enemy, he walked away from the camp with a backbone no man at camp had ever witnessed.

He stood alone, stone in hand.  And the people for whom he would one day be king, crouched, holding their breath and waiting.

Either their God was who He said He was or they had all been deceived.

It was fear that kept them cowering behind rocks, living in tents, waiting endlessly for someone else to make a move.  Even now, they remained, poised to retreat, fearing the worst as Goliath stood unhumanly tall mocking the boy.

Had the giant looked closely he would have seen the fire of God blazing behind David’s eyes...and  might have glimpsed the destiny of this youth.  But rather, mired in conceit, he spewed threats and barbs.

And then...shoulders back, arm poised, David threw his stone.

The scream, the dust flying, the crash seared in the minds and hearts of each Israelite watching.

It would be a story told again and again over their lifetimes.  Through the rheumy eyes of aged men whose years would fall away like scales as they told the story,  "Our God, young child, the one true God came through that day."

The glory was not in the felling of the Giant, but a bolstering of the faith of a nation and a reassurance in the heart of each man The power and deity of their maker was laid bare and known to them. The fear that had immobilized the Israelites had been shaken to its very core and at its root they discovered the greatness of their God displayed not in the might of a sword but in a small round stone placed in the hand of a young boy.

Do you remember this David & Goliath?  My favorite Sunday Morning TV Show!