Wednesday, February 14, 2007

...on cave dwellers...

Sometimes, in the midst of planning for greatness God calls us to hunker down in a cave. The best of the best have been there.

Observe David.

A young man at the cusp of the kingdom goes into hiding. To his credit, he knew to wait for God’s perfect timing. Others, like me, get swallowed up by that infamous whale. Determined to chart our own course we sail off in the direction of disobedience. It’s funny how we often find ourselves sitting in a slimy, fishy cave. That’s love. You see in the dark, when God seems most quiet, he is most assuredly working a transformation of character to bolster us for the next leg of the race. In a day of instant gratification we might ask why he chooses such a long process rather than handing our character over to us right away. It’s simple really: the load would be too heavy to carry.

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