Friday, February 16, 2007

...blankets of grace...

I don’t believe in re-incarnation ... but...if I did I can tell you I musta been a Southern Gal. Probably would have been Miss Melanie’s friend but secretly wanted to hang with Scarlett. The fact that I wouldn’t have been a handsome rum-running hoodlum likely meant she would not have given me the time of day... but I digress.

In reality I live in Canada!! Can you believe the contrast from peach trees to snow tires! If I look out my window there are huge fields of white as far as my eyes can see. Interspersed are a few houses, barns and silos. The snow is fresh and white which is a good thing because come February there are often times that everything has become grey and mucky and rather dreary here.

There are a few (and by a few I mean not very many!) Good things about the snow. ..
Firstly, it looks awfully pretty at Christmastime when the twinkly lights reflect against it and put everyone in a good mood.
Secondly, I love snow days. Not the ones when the school buses are cancelled but when all the roads are closed and even hubby can’t go to work. We sit by the fire, cosy up and enjoy a day in.

Pure bliss.

Thirdly, snow covers a multitude of things. I have four children...who all have many friends...who all like to play in our yard. It’s awesome all year but come autumn I find my yard filled with pretty much everything you could think of as well as many you might shake your head at: Toys, gardening implements, weeds I have not pulled, enough clothing items to start a thrift store long since discarded while in or waiting for a turn at the trampoline, chewed up doggy stuff, leftover bricks from the girls pyramid project and, well, I could go on, but you get the picture. I look out at the mess daily and think - I gotta get at that stuff and clean up before winter. But in those grey days when all the leaves have fallen and there is no colour anywhere I find myself agreeing with Scarlett's anthem that "tomorrow is another day!"

Then it happens.

The kids come screaming into our bedroom at 6:00 in the morning, "Mom, come look out the window!" By then I already know what has happened because the reflection from the snow already has made the house brighter than it has been in weeks. I look out and smile as the blanket of white covers up all the unfinished business in my yard. It grants me a reprieve until spring.

King David must have know the same feeling. Psalms 51:7 says, "Wash me and I will be whiter than snow." I’m sure it wasn’t just the color he was referring to but also the covering of grace that blankets a multitude of sins leaving everything pure and clean. It lifts the grey off our shoulders and allows us to curl up and just spend a peaceful day with our God.

Wishing you a white day cosied up with the King of Kings.

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