Wednesday, March 21, 2007 tiny request...

Please. Please. Keep ALL 12 year old girls off the phone until Sanjaya has made a graceful exit from the competition. Do not let them vote or someone worthy of the top 10 will surely go home. Did y’all see that girl in the audience crying while that Sanjaya boy tried to rock the house???!!! I will need Depends if he stays another week for fear I will pee my pants watching him– it was too funny! And just to add to the demographic myth… my 9 & 10-year-old daughter swoon over him and his sawft voice too. Radio Disney is calling his name… His mama should hand him the phone…just saying.

And so on to the rest. Haley at least wore pants this week – albeit short shorts. But still last week I kept telling my girls she needed a pair of jeans with that shirt cause there was nooo way something that short is a dress.

Chris Richardson - was okay. Still a bit nasally but I can give him props for “keepin’ it real and classic.

Stephanie Edwards – I had high hopes for that song but she seemed to over-sing it. In my very non-musical opinion I think it should have been softened up in parts.

Blake Lewis – Well ok…the judges liked it but I just didn’t get it.

Lakisha Jones – Those diamonds are going to her head I think. This week she lost that quiet beauty that shines through those killer vocals. I hope it was temporary because fame is not good on self-esteem and character.

Phil Stacey – Well it was kinda funny seeing him run around with the mike stand – Bo Bice he is not… thankfully. It was pretty cool though and those eyes…

Jordin Sparks – What a beauty, voice and all. She really is great and the song was impeccable.

Sanjaya Malakar – Please see above…

Gina Glocksen - I always like me a good rock song but that was a bit frenetic. She is in her element as the “REALLY NICE” rocker chick.

Chris Sligh – Well, my husband said he is probably more comfortable on stage hiding behind a guitar doing worship. He just looked so awkward walking through that crowd – I think he is nervous still. But look at his “Fro-Patro” base, his pastor was there I think – that’s gotta keep you grounded. The vocals were good but I think there is more to him and I hope he gets a chance to show that… do you think they’ll do a gospel night?? Have Toby Mac and whoever come and coach - how cool would that be??!!

Melinda Doolittle – That girl has the wisdom to express her faith in ways the judges won’t find uh… “indulgent”. She may be meek and quiet but I do not think for a second she lacks self-esteem. It seems she knows who she is in Christ, where that voice comes from and who its for. I believe she was brought here for “such a time as this” and I can’t wait to see all she’s gonna do in the years to come!

I had this thought last night – if Sanjaya stays another week that means he will tour with them… please just send the boy home before they spend another week lost in a decade he has never heard before like the 80s!


Andrea said...

I'm so with you about Sanjaya - my 10 year old is beside herself over him! I do have to say that he wasn't as timid this week but he still keeps knocking out people who should be staying.

As for the girl in the audience...give me a break!!! I pray my daughter isn't that bad (but she probably would be if she were there in person). I told my husband that her friends would probably wonder whether to make fun of her for crying on TV or be jealous because she got to meet them all at the end. Based on our daughter's reaction, he said it would definitely be the jealousy. What kind of world are we livin' in anyway? Come on, people!

Sorry to hijack your comments here...haha...I just got on a roll, I guess. By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog with birthday wishes! I've been accused already of stretching it out all week. :)

Melzie said...

Ok I think you hit the nail on the head because MY 10 yr old son's fave is Sanjaya too. Weird LOL xoxo melzie

PS I liked Gina more til she changed to suit Simon. xoxo melzie

Sandy said...

I don't know how I ended up here at your blog but I had to comment on American Idol with you!! (Yes, I am an addict) I COMPLETELY agree with you on Sanjaya, that boy has got to go! I hate when it becomes a "popularity" competition rather than what it was meant to be...a "singing" competition!! I am surprised on who went home. (Not going to tell you yet incase eveyone is on different time zones) I am also a Dancing with the Stars fan now too!!!

Melody said...

Here is my theory on why Sanjaya gets so many votes...Text Messaging! I know my sister's kids all have phones and they have unlimited text messaging because it's WAY cheaper than paying per text. Therefore...teen girls can text millions of votes for free when those of us with taste in music can't get through on the phone lines because they are always busy! I have tried to vote several times this year, and have gotten through only one time. I'm tempted to put unlimited text messaging on my phone just until Sanjaya goes home! It's just not fair to those who have more talent...and I agree, he should join the cast of "High School Musical 2" he'd be perfect for something like that, just NOT for American Idol!

Okay, that aside...I LOVE your explanation on your sidebar about being in the belly of the whale! I will come back and read some more of your older posts later...homeschool is calling right now! Thanks for stopping by my place...and I like your template! (hee-hee-hee!)

Barb said...

Hi Cheryl,

It's gotten so that I just cringe on results night - I understand that there's a huge, huge market out here for the music 12 year old girls love but this isn't a teeny bopper competition and I'm simply not understanding how poor Sanjaya is staying when truly talented people are leaving. It's a little disheartening.

Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday. Always amazes me anyone actually slogs through my long Sunday posts. :-) I hope you'll visit again soon.

Love, love the name you chose for your blog.