Tuesday, March 13, 2007

...My Little Man...

NOTE - This is not C's real Hair!!

The first time they met both wore diapers. The details are fuzzy but, I can't say that it was an instant friendship even. Little D was likely wielding a ball and Little C was probably reading a book or playing with a toy farm implement. They have never had a lot in common actually. D has always been more physical and rough and tumble and C more cerebral, a thinker, an arguer.

But they always wanted to be together.

In fact for a year they were both home schooled and saw each other almost every day. Differences aside there were a few things they both loved to to - like canoeing. And a few time the boys and their dads went away for a weekend together to enjoy nature and freshly caught fried fish. They both loved to climb trees (what boy doesn't) and play video games. They loved nicknames and came up with Coco and Dodo for each other when they were quite young - the names have stuck.

Unfortunately their encounters would often end in some sort of disagreement that the moms tried to carefully negotiate. They were so different that they had a hard time seeing eye to eye. Many times both moms thought it would be easier on both of them if they each found another buddy.

But that's not how best friends work.

Eventually C left the church they had both attended and their contact dropped off greatly. Then not long ago C felt strongly to go visit D again. D's mom has battled cancer for years but she was really not doing well and C was concerned that D needed a friend. Two minutes into their first phone call in a year they had picked up where they left off and spent an hour chatting on the phone, making plans to get together.

This time around there has been no arguments. (I wish D's mom could see it!) They have more in common now and get along awesome.

The whole story breaks my heart and makes it swell with a maternal pride. You see, C, is my little man. 12 years old. Through this, I have seen a glimpse of the man that he is becoming. I have seen the heavy burden he has willingly taken on for his friend. His grandma died from cancer a few months ago and he has been willing to revist that sorrow so that he can understand his friend more. I have seen the weight of compassion, and the tears, in his eyes. I have heard the prayers. I have heard him listen with an open heart to his friend share the sorrow of losing his mom to the cancer. He tells me he will be there for D when he needs to say goodbye. It makes me look forward to seeing this child of mine grow in to a man.

Proverbs 18:24 says "A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." I think that's the kind of friendship they have.

Despite the heartbreaking circumstances with D's momma I have seen so much happiness come from their friendship. They have smiled often, they have laughed, they have played. And...like boys will...they have been rambunctious and mischievous and well...boys...

Which is just fine with me because while I like to see glimpses of the man he is becoming, a big part of me wants to let them be kids as long as they possibly can.

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