Wednesday, March 14, 2007


...little T & big T...

Ever since we began the process of adoption God has brought people from every side into my life to speak understanding into my heart. Birth moms, adoptees, other parents. This story spoke to the unending bond a child may have to their birthparents. Even after decades the loss still resonates.

It makes me wonder yet again how we honour the past and the losses our little T will face as he grows up. I've been told that to make peace with past losses frees you to go forward in life. But, I think like everything it comes in waves, no more than a person can handle at once.

His birth parents may not have been perfect or able... His adopted parents will fall short of the ideal but we can point him to the perfect parent in his Heavenly Father. The father that will never let him down, let him go or fail him - even once.


Andrea said...

I think Judith has such a way with words. And the Lord knows your heart and knows you are giving all you can. He will bless you accordingly. Also my Heavenly Father filled many voids for me when dealing with my parents so you are so right in shining the light on Him. Bless your heart for recognizing this. :)

An Iowa Mom said...

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