Thursday, March 1, 2007

...Just for Today...

Just for today I’ll let them play in the snow. Decked out in coats and mitts and hats until I can barely see their faces. I'll close the door and watch as the backyard becomes a huge white sandbox. Perfect for making snow forts. Perfect for layng down in and letting the sparkling flakes fall onto cold rosy cheeks. Perfect for soaking up the warth of the winter sun and basking in its glow. Perfect for making a host of angels and deep footprints.

Just for today I’ll serve them hot chocolate and not worry about how much sugar is in it! I’ll bake cookies and serve chicken soup and crackers for lunch.

Just for today.

Just for today I’ll listen in on their conversations. Hearing the bravado, the dreams and plans that reside in their young hearts.

Just for today I’ll let them play "Heart and Soul" on the piano over and over and over. And as they play I can see glimpses of great masterpieces that may someday flow through their fingers.
Just for today I will watch them make castles and fight battles against pirates. I will stay silent as the floor is filled with colourful blocks... a floor that too soon will be emptied of legos and other toys.

Just for today I tackle the pile of soggy boots and coats dropped at the door, and put them away for them. I will unload the dishwasher, set and clear the table, put laundry in the hamper and let them play.

Just for today I will quietly watch them take the cushions of the couch; make hideouts and caves, and not complain about the mess.

Just for today I pray they will see, not their clumsy, growing bodies, but the beauty of the creations they are. May they know they have purpose and significance. May they grasp the strength of the cross in their weakness. May they know pure, unadulterated love and acceptance.

And when the darkness settles in, I will gather them 'round, play silly card games, watch their favorite tv shows, serve popcorn with lots of butter and cuddle by the fire under cosy blankets.

Just for today.

Just for today when their sleepy heads hit the pillow, I will pray that their dreams are filled with possibilities. That any voice of doubt or discouragement would be silenced as they feel us cheer them on. I Pray that they will hear "you can do it" ringing in their ears, deafening the the other voices.

Tomorrow will surely come, and with it the heartache that will grow them into strong adults. It will knock chips off their shoulders, fortify their faith and their backbone. It will cause them to know beyond all doubt that their God is enough... no matter what they may face. It will be hard and it will be necessary...and it will be good.

But just for today, I’ll let them be children. I’ll shelter them. I’ll be their champion and draw them so close that no one can hurt them. Protect them...

Just for today.

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Sara said...

GREAT post! Love the side pix - I dropped in from the Blog Party. Come on by my place sometime!