Tuesday, March 6, 2007

...clean up on aisle 6...

So my big C would be MORTIFIED if he knew I was mentioning this one. hehe... he's 12

About 10 years ago (when he was 2!) he was just mastering this potty-ing thing. We had come shopping and were over in the toy section when C told me he needed to go. I was carefully picking out a toy for a party and the washrooms were waaaay over on the other side of the store ... so I piped up, "Can you just wait a minute?" He looked at me with a wiggle but he didn't say"no" outright so in my desire to finish up I kept shopping. Not a minute later the wiggling stopped and he got a really serious look on his face. I looked down and he had peed right into his rubber boot. Cute. I grabbed the first toy I could and got ready to hightail it to the washroom, "c'mon C." I called...and then turned around to see him pull his bright yellow boot of his foot and poured the contents into a puddle on the floor.

I can only imagine the look on my face... and then came the dilemna. Do I confess to the 17 year old employee and ask her to mop up on aisle 6 or ... run? I was torn really,but in the end I figured at 17 I would rather clean-up what looked like a puddle of snow, than what I knew was a puddle of toddler pee. So, for better or worse I took my items and proceeded to the check out, head hung just low enough that the cameras couldn't catch a glimpse of my whole face.

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